MAGMA Dye Transfer Edition

MAGMA Dye Transfer Editions is a project by artist Roman Schramm and Egbert Haneke. Selected artists will be invited on a regular basis to realize their work with the dye-transfer process. The first selection of MAGMA Dye Transfer editions includes artists of different generations and approaches. Roman Schramm and Egbert Haneke selected works that create a dialogue with each other. This includes among others an experimental picture from the Estate of Erwin Blumenfeld an ethnographic photograph of Leonore Mau as well as a computer-generated image of tomatoes by Timur Si-Qin. Starting from this basis, the spectrum of MAGMA Dye Transfer Editions will regularly expand.

The Dye Transfer Process

The dye-transfer process has a unique position within the photographic color processes. It stands for high print quality, long lasting permanence, brilliant colors and exceptionally rich and deep blacks. There are only a few labs worldwide that can realize this particular method using original materials from Kodak. MAGMA is working with the Dye Transfer International lab from Hamburg, which has, over the last few years, established a dye-transfer process with exclusively produced new materials that have been adapted to today's production processes.

Limited Edition

The images have a maximum sheet size of 50 × 60 cm and are each in a limited edition of 15 prints (+3 AP) with signed certificate. Each work is offered in an exclusive box that can be purchased individually. Prints range in price from € 900 to € 3600.